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Welcome to Lumencraft,

the world's finest builder of luxury pocket flashlights.



gatlight v3 carpet dscn3600

        The GatLight TI - A Heart of Carbon Fiber and an Exoskeleton of Titanium




The Gatlight is the first variable illumination LED flashlight to provide maximum brightness, runtime and efficiency.  Developed by a Swiss designer and an American aerospace engineer and manufactured in the United States.  The result is an uncompromising design which is as much functionally superior as it is functional art.



Lumencraft’s designers have taken a utilitarian device and turned it into a high art form.  Normally the structural components of commercial items are enclosed in a cover or housing to hide them from sight.  Lumencraft’s designers have turned this idea inside out making the structure integral to the aesthetic design.  Drawing on their engineer’s aerospace experience they have created a flashlight with a heart of carbon fiber and an exoskeleton of titanium.


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