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For immediate Release - Launch GatLight Titanium


September 3rd, 2008.


Titanium Exoskeleton with a Heart of Carbon Fiber – Luxury Pocket Flashlight redefines Performance


cpf-phreddLumencraft, a US based manufacturer of luxury pocket flashlights has released their latest creation. The GatLight Titanium – 3.5 inches long and 1.1 inches wide, features the indestructible titanium exoskeleton the GatLight product line has become known for.  A heart of carbon fiber, exposed prismatic total internal reflection optic, coupled with the most powerful LED light source currently available as well as an overdrive mode that earns this model not only the title of brightest pocket flashlight in its class but also the light with the most striking design.


The extreme brightness level of the GatLight can temporarily blind an attacker. In other lights high brightness means low runtime and no light once their 1h+ runtime is up, but not the GatLight. Its fully variable brightness adjustability allows you to turn the light level down when more runtime is needed, providing more than 250h+ (11+ days) of continuous usable light at its lowest level, enough to master any emergency. The adjustment between maximum brightness and maximum runtime can be made with a simple rotation of the knob in the back, allowing to smoothly set the ideal brightness level and runtime for the current task at hand. Permanent on/off, momentary on/off, momentary dim and permanent dim (any level) are other features of the most versatile and intuitive user interface in the industry.


The titanium rod design provides multiple times the surface area of regular cylinder design flashlights; as a result the GatLight has a more powerful light source installed than any other light in its class. Solid copper core circuit boards provide superior heat transfer from the LED to the titanium cage while gold plated contacts and threads provide superior conductivity and add to the luxurious feel of this small light.


Behind the titanium exoskeleton, the GatLight also features an exposed optic with a diamond like illumination when the light is turned on, prominently showcasing the prismatic total internal reflection optic. While this feature is stunning to look at, it is another important safety feature not found on most other lights. For example when changing a tire at night on the freeway, the slight glow of the optics radiating through the sides, alerts oncoming driver even though the light is not being pointed towards them.


The GatLight also features a perfectly balanced color profile for its beam. Most flashlights have a yellowish greenish tint – especially when low on battery. The GatLight’s beam color is a perfect white with a hint of blue – while microprocessors in the light constantly insure that a set brightness level and beam color is maintained whether your battery is full or almost depleted.


Traditionally, high end flashlights are targeted towards the military & law enforcement markets. Lumencraft has created a niche by catering to customers that appreciate not only highest quality and superior function but also a striking design.


Whether the GatLight is displayed as a gadget on a CEO’s desk, or whether the light is used at the end of a romantic dinner to artfully illuminate a path or keyhole the GatLight does it with style, best in class performance and in a compact and beautifully designed package.


Lumencraft Inc.
Luxury Pocket Flashlight Manufacturer





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