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GatLight V3 Handcrafted Testimonials

GatLight V3


GatLight V3 (1x123)

One of the most unique flashlights ever built. The GatLight was Lumencraft's first product. It features cutting edge technology in a classic design that leaves everyone puzzled. A regulated, variable brightness which either provides you with several days of runtime at a lower brightness, or a retina searing brightness provided by a highly efficient 240+ Lumen LED Lightsource (LED Mfg claim). The light is powered by ether a protected rechargeable 123 (3.6V) Lithium Ion battery or a primary lithium 3V battery. The GatLight is one of the most unique flashlights you will ever see.

For more details please read our press release (pdf).


Each light contains a serial number and comes with an attractive wooden display box. Order a GatLight V3 - Testimonials GatLight V1 and V2